Thursday, April 30, 2015


                                                   WHY SHOULD I EXPORT TO?

Have you ever thought about doing business in overseas market? If not, or you thought it too difficult, then you might want to think again.

Doing business overseas is a different experience for every company and its benefits will vary greatly depending on the personal profile of each firm.

As well as opening access to new sources of revenue , trading internationally will allow you to spread risk a wider range of customers, extend the market for specific products and ensure that you are aware of international competition.

In some cases companies are able to offer much more interesting roles for their staff, and to recruit better people as a result. 

Exporting can also be a catalyst for innovation. In many cases you will see new ideas and modified products to meet the needs of international customers.

Academic research confirms that exporting companies:  - Are more productive and innovative than non exporter.   - Are more resilient to an economic downturn; - Achieve stronger financial performance; - Have a higher profile and more credibility and -  Are more likely to stay in business.

Exporting can allow companies to: 1.Achieve levels of growth not possible domestically. 2. Increase the resilience of revenues and profits.  3. Spread business risk.  4. Achieve economies of scale not possible domestically.  

5.Increase the commercial lifespan of products and service. 6.Increase the returns on investment in service R&D. 7.Improve financial performance.  8. Improve productivity.  9. Boost their profile and recognition internationally.

If you become an exporter, the evidence shows that you are likely to improve your productivity by a third in your first year alone.      Mark Prisk,  Minister of state for business and Enterprise.

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