Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How B2B can help your business Grow

                                 How B2B can help your business grow


The Society we are living in today is becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for their buying needs and there couldn't be a better place than common platform where you can meet buyers, sellers, distributors and manufacturers e.t.c to find potential business partners.

B2B technology allows you to promote your business worldwide and it has become the most reliable trading tool in international business.

By registering your business on a B2B platform you can increase your revenue and business growth efficiently and cost effectively.  However, the B2B portal will only benefit your business if you know how to use it and how to present your profile on a B2B platform; otherwise it will be just another website for you.

No matter how good your product is but unless you expose it to the potential buyers properly, you can't make the most of it. Nowdays the internet has become the most reliable toof for advertisement.

 Many small enterprises have become big companies be adopting online marketing strategies so the competition has also increased so it is important to know that how you can stand out among the other users.

Important points that must be taken in consideration while registering on B2B platform.

Business type

Clearly mention your business type i. e. Importer or Exporter. Further classification includes distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer etc.

Company profile:

In order to market yourself and your products more effectively & credibly, the company profile section plays a very important part. A well-written & descriptive company profile clearly conveys the credibility, authenticity and an insight of your business to buers.

Post your products:

In order to achieve maximum results, products catalog should be designed in such a way that it gives an overview or general idea of your company's products. To get the best response post all your best products along with their images.


Good keywords helps you in achieving higher ranking on the search result pages keywords are very important factor by which buyers/sellers will search you. write your product keywords and other relevant keywords each separated with a comma in the keyword box.  About 3 to 5 relevant keywords are enough.

Contact information:

For quick response from buyer/seller, it is important to provide complete & correct contact information including phone number, fax and contact person's name.

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