Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to find your niche in import-export business

                            How to find your niche in import-export business

The import/export business can be very lucrative and many people are trying to get in the game. you can too. This is help get you on your way.

You need to find yourself a niche and know what you can import or export for good profit. This will take some researching. You need to understand your local market, as well as the market of the location you are importing to or exporting from.

It all depends on how importing/exporting a certain product will make you money. 

The types of products you can import fall into three main categories:


Some products are readily available in one country or region, but not in another. It could be a type of fruit that grows easily in a certain climate , or the proximity to fish-bearing lakes. 

Find something that your region has plenty of and export it somewhere where there is a demand. or find something that your region would like to have, and import it from somewhere it is cheaply available.

2. Prestige

Something it's just a status thing. Certain products simply carry more weight when they are imported from a specific country.

For instance, think of champagne from France, beer from Germany or cotton from Egypt.


Even if it doesn't have to do with availability , some products are cheaper to bring in from out of the country than to produce it. There are generally two factors that make a product cheaper to produce in one region than in another: resource and technology.

For instance, you will often come across products that are ''made in China'', because they can generally be imported for less than it would be to produce locally.

If you can find your niche to import/export, and if you have the right type of disposition for the job, then congratulation, you might be on your way to a lucrative career in import and export.


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