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How to sell your products in europe

                                        How to sell your products in Europe

It's essential that you visit each target market and walk many miles in your potential customer's shoes.  You need to understand what makes them tick and what triggers purchasing decisions.

''While the EU is a single market, there are significant practical and cultural nuances from member state to member state. for example, in cooler climates, such as Germany and Netherlands, most houses are carpeted, whereas in warmer countries such as Spain and Portugal there's a greater use of floor tiling.

For us, that means our sales methods, features and benefits and target, customers and different.

In the warmer climates, we work with architects and builders to get our products in at the specifications and build stage, but in cooler climates we trade through specific retailers to catch the electrical contractors and those actually installing the product, such as professional master tilers and the DIY market''.

How to sell your products In Europe

I will show you here 3 tips to sell your products into Europe.

1.Get busy with your marketing systems.

It's the easiest thing in the world to create a product but the money making skill in business is creating a marketing system that works time and time again to deliver sales.


''Did Germans chuckle with embarrassment when John F. Kenned uttered the words 'Ich bin ein Berliner at a Berlin wall ceremony in 1963?

Perhaps, as the literal translation is ''I am a jelly donut!''

Yes, It's easy to screw up when you don't speako da lingo, so get someone who does.


A finely honed sales message can be easily ruined by a careless translation so be sure to use a copywriter to translate for you, we use some of the best European copywriters to look after our clients translations so they're as potent in Sweden as they are in Italy.

 3.Local knowledge

Germans do not use credit cards.    Italians like to pay cash straight into the bank.

French like to pay cash on delivery.  Norwegians prefer to order by phone.

The same buying messages work throughout the world but the way people buy changes from country to country. So be sure you do your research so you do not try and sell your product in a way the locals won't buy.

There is a lot of money to be made selling your products in other countries as long as you do it right.

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