Container tracking

                                                     Container tracking

Container tracking means you are being aware of where your shipment is located. 

Why cargo tracking is so important?

Sometimes your shipment is late than schedule. maybe the bad weather, the port congestion, the routing change, etc. but 

- Your customer is relying on you. Cargo delays without notice will screw up your relationship and waste all your work.

- Your company is waiting for the materials for final assembly, to launch a new product.

- Your manufacture is waiting for the machine to increase productivity and manufacture economically.

How to track your shipment?

In order to track a container, you need to know which shipping line is transporting your cargo, and the container number, booking number or document number ( any of them is usually good enough).

According to our practical experiences, the container number should be preferred. This number consists of four - letters owner code ( prefix) , six-digits serial number and a check digit. For example:

CSQU3054383      -   CSQ  is Owner code ( here: contship)   

U is category identifier ( here: U = freight container )

305438 is serial number  ;      3 is check digit

where category identifier can be:

- J: detacher freight container related equipment

-R: reefer ( refrigerated ) containers

-U: general freight containers

-Z: trailers and chassis

all the information you can easily find on your Bill of lading. The booking number & B/L number are listed on the top right, and the container number is usually under the item of ''Marks & Nos".

A quick suggestion

Importer Experience         Incoterms       Quantity              Shipping Management 

           New                          CIF or DAP         LCL                              Supplier

        Medium                      CIF or FOB     LCL or FCL         Supplier or freight                                                                                                                           forwarder   

        Veteran                             FOB                 FCL                  Freight forwarder

If you are brand new, let the supplier handle the delivery as far as possible. Then can focus on booming your business. simply but costly.

If you have gained some experiences, then you can try to control your goods delivery through a forwarder by yourself.  Simple and cheap

It is your choice.    

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