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                                                   Online  business

           Online  business  -  also  referred to  as  e-business-is any  kind  of  business  activity  that  happens  online (over  the  internet ).

A  business  owner  who  does  any, or  all , of  their  business  using  the  internet, is  running  an  online  business.  Running  an  online  business can  include  buying  and  selling  online, and  providing  an  online  service.

A  wide  variety  of  business can  be  found  online, in many  different  industries. Anyone  can  start  an  online  business.  If  you  have a  unique  product  or  idea, you  can  find  a  way  to  sell  or  trade  it  online.  It  is  just  like  a traditional  'bricks-and-mortar'  business, except  your  office   or  shop is  online, so  you  have  to  decide  how  it  will  look  and  appeal  to  customers.

                                                Types  of  online  business

online  business  can  have  different  online  business-fronts  (how  they  appear  on  the  internet).  These  can  take  many  forms, such  as:

-Websites ,  -online shops or  marketplaces, -blogs, - social  media accounts

There  are  a  lot  of  things  to  consider  before  making  the  decision to  start  or  move  an  existing  business  online, particularly  if  you  are  not  a  computer  or  web guru, or  have not  ever  started  a  business  before.

Benefits  of  doing  business online may  include:

-cost savings  in  rent  and  staffing

-greater  flexibility  and  efficiency  in product  and  service  delivery

-24/7 accessibility  to  customers  all  over  your  country ( or  worldwide ).

There can also  be  drawbacks  in  doing  business  online, such  as:

-some  technical  or  web  knowledge may  be  necessary

-software and hardware expenses

-risk of  online  scams and fraud

 Going  online can open doors  to  a range of  opportunities.  your online presence can support existing  marketing and sales  activities, increase  your  productivity, and allow  you  to  engage in  e-commerce, like online sales or  fundraising.

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