Payment options with foreign suppliers Part 2

                                 Payment options with foreign suppliers 

                                                               Part 2

Lets continue our payment options with foreign suppliers. now discuss Paypal. Paypal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, Paypal smart connect or account balances, without sharing financial information.

Paypal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide. Available in 190 markets and 24 currencies around the world, Paypal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

You can to pay on Ebay, Pay on websites, Pay with your mobile, Get paid on your website, Email an invoice and request a payment.

These days, most Chinese suppliers will accept Paypal payments. All your payments with Paypal are protected, so you can always open a dispute and request a refund if a supplier has scammed you.

Now, you will not always win those disputes, but Paypal's most recent policy is generally buyer friendly and sellers are the ones who have to prove that the transaction was legit and the goods were delivered.

Again, it's not that easy to open a Paypal account in China, which is why scammers try to avoid using Paypal and will push WU, MG or other similar, unsafe payment methods. As with a wire transfer, make sure you are sending money to the Paypal account of the company you are dealing with and not a personal Paypal account.

Escrow - Escrow is the safe payment method for international trade.  Legitimate suppliers know how important safe payment method are to buyers and that is why when dealing suppliers on Alibaba, you now have the option of using Alibaba's escrow payment system.

What is Escrow? with escrow, you first send the money to an escrow company and they hold it for you until you receive and inspect goods and only then release the money to your supplier. It is by far the safest payment method as you only pay your supplier once you have received and inspected the goods.

Western Union, Money Gram etc. - Never ever deal with a supplier who only accepts Western Union, Money Gram or similar payment method!

The only time you should use Western Union is when you are ordering product samples as WU transfer fees are much lower than bank transfer fees.

But only do it with totally verified, trustworthy suppliers. when you use WU, you can not actually send money to a company; only individuals can send and receive money via the WU network.

Most scammers will only accept payments via Western Union. if branded goods are involved, it is sure sign that you are dealing with a scammer!

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