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                                                          Safe trading advice

Let's study safety, reliability and credibility of B2B portals - Like any type of business there are certain risks involved in doing business through B2B portals.

  Whenever anybody wants to do an online or trading the first question they ask is '' Is it safe? does it really work''?  

Let's study safety, reliability and credibility  of B2B portals - like any type of business there are certain risks involved in doing business through B2B portals. However, with certain pre cautionary measures, these risks could be reduced.

The most repeated problems people faced are wrong goods delivered or some time no goods delivered against their payments. Is B2B trading is unsafe? The answer is both yes and no. 

I will list a few factors. that should be kept in mind before going on with any business deal through a B2B portal. 

Here are some guideline for safe Trading.

Always contact premium suppliers

yes, this is very important. Look everybody wants to make quick money. And  This is age of scammers B2B portals provide the ideal hunting ground for people who want to make money without spending any.

So never ever deal with free suppliers. always make sure your supplier is a premium supplier, more preferably a Gold Supplier.  This does not guarantee risk free transactions but it reduces the chances of fraud.

Get complete knowledge of supplier's profile

Make sure the supplier you are dealing with, is an acting user of B2B portals and has a complete profile. By that I mean he has a detailed introduction of his company along with contact numbers and addresses.

Also make sure he has professionally presented his credentials as a supplier. Serious suppliers always work hard on the presentation of their company.

Ask the B2B portal involved

Yes, you can do that as well. Ask the fraud departments of B2B portals to give you their view of the reputation and credibility of the supplier.  Some B2B portals also charge for this but it is worth spending a little money to avoid any major loss. You may also browse different trading forums and ask the users about the supplier.

Ask for references

Ask the supplier for at least 2-3 online references that can support his credibility as a trustworthy seller. 

Payment safety

Make sure you adopt the safest mode of payment link LC, Escrow, Paypal etc... Never send payments directly to new suppliers through direct money transfer services.

Stay  away from large Transaction at the start:

Never go far a huge transaction straight away with new suppliers.  If possible, break your order smaller segments. This might increase the cost of shipping to some extent but it reduces the risk.

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